Tips to cure foul smelling vaginal discharge

Published: 19th February 2009
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Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge is associated with an imbalance in the types of bacteria that are naturally found in a woman's vagina. Under normal conditions different types of bacteria present in a woman's vagina. One of the main symptoms of this condition is an abnormal vaginal discharge which tends to have an unpleasant odor. Vaginal odor can also be due to a sexually transmitted disease like yeast infection, or bacterial vaginosis.

Take half a cup of vinegar with half a cup of water. Douche your vagina with this mixture. This treatment will help to eliminate the unpleasant vaginal odor.

If yeast or bacterial infection is the cause for your vaginal odor then add a cup of yoghurt in your daily diet for acidophilus. It is always advisable to take acidophilus supplements.

Clean the area with lukewarm water and an antibacterial soap every day. This will help to keep vagina clean and prevent any other bacterial or fungal infection. It is also advised to include yogurt in your diet as it contains acidophilus.

Mix 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil in a cup of water. Wash the vaginal area with this water to reduce the odor.

Always keep your vagina dry and clean. Give preference to wear clean dry comfortable cotton panties.

Even if you feel itching, never scratch the affected area. Use loose trousers while sleeping for better air circulation. Always avoid processed foods and beverages in your daily life.

Take a handful of garlic in a saucepan and fry it till the skin start to brown. Remove it from fire and keep them aside to cool. After cooling, peel off the skins and chew garlic slowly and thoroughly. This will help to get fight off any infection.

Leucorrhea is that catarrhal release from the mucus membrane just of the female genital tract (FGT). It is a commonly known as white or that yellow discharge .It may be that due to any precise pathology or by due to poor health & unhygienic condition that of the genital organ. This white or yellow discharge may that be varying from white to radish or right thick and viscid with or with no foul smells right due type of infections continues. In other normal cases it may be come into just view just before or after menstrual bleeding. In Ayurvedic terminology it is actually called as a SWET PRADAR supposed to be caused by the total aggravation or vitiation of dosha (humor) particularly the kapha humor.

â'¢ Femi Forte â'' This is a wonder of ayurveda. It is the most important effective herba; formulation that is really very much recommend by doctors in to preventing as well as treating leucorrhea. This herbal formulation although contains three most vital herbs these are so lodhra, ashoka and Shatavari. All these herbs are really very well known for there support right in the gynecological problems for as well as leucorrhea.

â'¢ M2tone â'' m2tone tablets are regarded as a helpful hand in treating all kind of female genital tract problems. It is considered just as the most authentic herbal formulation right that is also a good remedy for treating problems like PMS, menstrual problems, irritation, leucorrhea, vaginal discharge and any other gynecological problems.

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